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Micro LED Technology Developers to Increase Production Lines, Preparing for Booming Applications in the Coming Years

With applications featuring Mini LED display technology about to enter the market, the industry seems to hold a more optimistic view towards Micro LED. Two Micro LED technology builders unveiled their plans to set up new Micro LED production lines this week, including Taiwanese company PlayNitride and French Aledia.

PlayNitride is going to commence construction of its second Micro LED chip production line with its secured funds of US$50 million. The production is scheduled to be completed and begin mass production by mid-2021, boosting PlayNitride’s capacity to two or even three times more.

PlayNitride’s current target is to reduce the cost of Micro LED chip production by 95% in five years. Also the company also aims to further down size its Micro LED chips. The goal is to shrink the chips from current’s 30*60 µm to 15*30 µm by 2021.

On the other hand, Aledia, the spinoff of French research institute Cea-Leti, announced that it will invest EUR 140 million (US$ 165.82 million) to build GaN-on-Si Micro LED production line in France. The new site is scheduled to begin production by 2022.

These new investments in Micro LED chips and wafer production might indicate that the industry is seeing a bright future for the cutting-edge technology. Another driving momentum comes from the expectation of leading brands such as Apple, Samsung and LG who have been dedicating to develop applications based on Micro LED display technology. Last week, LG officially launched its first Micro LED display targeting commercial applications.

By LEDinside