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Advancing into the AR application field: Foxconn collaborates with Ennostar to develop new Micro LED micro-display

Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) Co., Ltd., in collaboration with ENNOSTAR and Unikorn Semiconductor Corporation, announced at "Touch Taiwan 2023" the development of a new 0.12-inch micro-display with a pixel density exceeding 6,500 PPI and a blue light brightness of 200,000 nits, using Micro LED technology. The purpose of this collaboration is to improve Micro LED efficiency by optimizing the structure of Micro LED chips and adopting a new thin film protection technology, successfully reducing surface defects, improving external quantum efficiency, and increasing product reliability.

Considering the high brightness requirements of AR applications, Unikorn Semiconductor Corporation, which has rich experience in III-V semiconductor manufacturing and advanced process technology, was responsible for optimizing the Micro LED chip efficiency in this joint development to ensure a balance between brightness and chip power consumption during subsequent full-color conversion. Hon Hai, on the other hand, used its own developed color conversion technology to further achieve full-color display effect at 3,600 PPI.

For general high-PPI full-color displays, the small pixel pitch cannot provide enough quantum dot optical density, causing leakage of blue light in high-brightness scenes, resulting in blue halo and color shift among pixels. Hon Hai's Micro LED manufacturing technology, built on a semiconductor process, uses high-efficiency quantum dot color conversion and a self-developed reflective inter-pixel light shield technology to provide sufficient optical density of quantum dots and prevent color shift among pixels, producing high-purity red and green light for full-color display effect.

Hon Hai collaborated with ENNOSTAR and Unikorn Semiconductor Corporation for blue Micro LED process development and foundry services, and to enhance the development of high-efficiency blue light pixel process with 4um pitch. The long-term goal is to invest resources in applications with growth potential to achieve differentiation and technological innovation. This product can be widely used in smart glasses, AR/VR devices, and Hon Hai will strive for collaboration and technological innovation to expand business opportunities in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality, and other metaverse applications.