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Entire Technology developing diffuser plates for mini LED backlighting

Entire Technology has worked with clients to develop high-end diffuser plates based on new composite materials and special optical micro-structure for mini LED backlighting for gaming notebooks, monitors, automotive displays, and LCD TVs, according to company chairman David Wang.

Such high-end diffuser plates can enhance brightness and luminance for mini LED backlighting and help reduce production cost for mini LED backlight units (BLU), Wang said. Entire has begun shipping diffuser plates for mini LED backlighting for gaming notebooks, and expects shipments for others to begin in first-quarter 2021, Wang noted.

Entire is currently the only Taiwan-based maker of diffuser plates for mini LED backlighting, Wang indicated.

Entire has developed micron-level micro-stereo-structure diffuser plates using special optical structure matched with local dimming technology to hike dynamic contrast, Wang said. Entire has been developing formulas for composite materials for making diffuser plates and light guide plates, co-extrusion processing technology for simultaneously using several composite materials, and designing optical structure, Wang noted, adding that Entire now supplies organic composite materials.

Entire posted consolidated revenues of NT$1.374 billion (US$46.6 million), gross margin of 16.73%, operating profit of NT$107.2 million, and net profit of NT$74.9 million for first-half 2020.

Its consolidated revenues for August reached NT$278.6 million, decreasing 5.15% sequentially but increasing 13.96% on year.