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Nichia expands the portfolio of its H6 Series, leading to a new era of LED adoption where the focus on the quality of light can take center stage

Tokushima, Japan – 16 December 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, is pleased to announce the addition of NFCWJ108B-V4H6 and NFDWJ130B-V4H6 to its H6 Series portfolio, two new COB types with significantly increased output.

It became accepted in the industry that the trade-off between achieving high lumen efficacy and high CRI / TM-30 was difficult to overcome. However, the H6 Series of LEDs capitalizes on Nichia’s 50+ years of phosphors and LED expertise and technology, in combination with TriGain® Technology from Current. This powerful combination led to a technology breakthrough, overcoming the trade-off between efficacy and CRI, by delivering the industry’s highest joint-boost in color quality and efficacy. The existing COB-V4H6 Series offers 5W, 9W and 16W class, and is mainly used for light bulbs, spotlights, and downlights. With the addition of 30W and 44W class to the portfolio, these products can now be used for lighting in spaces where high output is required, such as stores and facilities with high ceilings.

In addition to the high efficacy, H6 Series enables the reproduction of colors with high fidelity and beautifully illuminates facial expressions. These key features can be demonstrated in the various indoor spaces where the importance of quality of light is focused including residences, shops, offices, and healthcare facilities. Nichia believes that the adoption of H6 Series, both COB and 757 Series, can contribute to improve the daily comfort of our lives.

By LEDinside