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JBD unveils construction of Hefei plant to accelerate the production of MicroLED Displays

Shanghai, China June 6 - Jade Bird Display (Shanghai) Ltd (JBD), announced that part of the main building of the factory being constructed in the comprehensive bonded area of Hefei, China has been preliminarily completed and the whole project will enter the stage of full roof sealing. JBD has a fab in Shanghai and the new factory in Hefei is constructed to expand production capacity.

It is reported that the JBD Hefei plant project covers 79 acres, funded with an initial investment of 650 million RMB and a construction cycle of 12 months. The commissioning of this factory will help JBD achieve the annual capacity of manufacturing 120 million MicroLED micro-displays, to meet the demands of the AR/VR industry and hence enable the development of the Metaverse.

In recent years JBD has emerged as the leading manufacturer of MicroLED microdisplays and the new Fab in Hefei will meet the ever-growing demand from customers launching new products and ramping up their production. Prior to this, JBD has secured substantial funding in its A2 round of financing. Some of this investment is used for the development and production of MicroLED micro-displays for AR and other applications, as demonstrated by the construction of JBD's Hefei Plant.

With its comprehensive advantages in size, brightness, resolution, high pixel density, power consumption, MicroLED micro-display is considered as the ultimate solution for AR/VR near-eye display, and has become the focus of development for technology giants to realize the Metaverse. As the leading manufacturer of MicroLED displays for AR, JBD will boost the industry's confidence in the mass production of MicroLED microdisplays.

JBD was founded in 2015, and has been working hard in the field of MicroLED microdisplay panel. The company has R&D in IC backplane design, MOCVD material growth, processing and manufacturing of MicroLED hybrid integration technology, packaging, testing, software and hardware driven design and other technologies.

Based on its core technology, JBD implements the know-how of integrated circuit and displays. Specific products mainly include monochrome/polychrome display panel, AmµLED™ micro-display development kit, AmµLED™ display, AmµLED™ light engine, optical module, etc.

JBD’s MicroLED display products have many advantages, such as high efficiency, high brightness, high frame frequency, high reliability, low cost, small form factor and have been granted several worldwide patents in the field of MicroLED micro display. The products meet the requirements of key customers developing near-eye display.

By LEDinside