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Innolux unveils innovative display technologies

LCD panel maker Innolux has unveiled three in-house-developed innovative display technologies, InnoLED, multi-user N3D (natural 3D) display and integrated cockpit display system (ICDS) in a bid to demonstrate its corporate vision of "Panel Your Future," according to the company.

InnoLED is LED backlighting technology that uses multiple local dimming design to feature high dynamic contrast, high brightness, wide color gamut, details of darkness, low power consumption, low blue light and stigma-free images.

InnoLED has been adopted for Supreme Gaming Display, a thin bezel-free gaming LCD display panel with 85% BT2020 high color gamut, as well as a 65-inch 240Hz iVRR miniLED-backlit gaming TV which is a pioneer in application of TVs to gaming.

As metaverse speeds up development of immersive visual experience and 3D display is the best connection between virtuality and reality, the multi-user N3D display technology makes display resemble parallel-to-reality images and let many users wander around virtual and real scenarios without glasses and dizziness, said Innolux. The technology can be used in 3D immersive gaming environment as well as merchandise advertising at retail stores.

ICDS is meant to enhance drivers' safety and is equipped with a driver monitoring system (DMS) which monitor drivers' physiological conditions to make AI-based judgment and send off warning about unsafe driving behavior such as fatigue, said Innolux. Besides, ADAS can send warning about traffic conditions; the ultra-low reflective dashboards and central information displays can clearly show information and the co-drivers can watch video content without distracting the drivers. ICDS features integration of many displays and simplification of multiple user interfaces.