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HYC’s Micro OLED Tester Verified by Sony and End Customers

On December 14, HYC Technology, on its investor interaction platform, revealed that its Micro OLED testing device has been verified by the downstream client Sony and other end clients. Currently, the company is engaging in initial trial production as requested by downstream customers for subsequent mass production.

HYC specifies that Micro OLED has extremely high resolution that is optimal for AR/VR devices engineered with near-eye display technology, which is likely to be widely applied to relevant products.

HYC, whose full name is “Suzhou HYC Technology Co., Ltd.”, was founded in 2005. The firm specializes in producing instruments for flat panel display, semiconductor, and wearable testing as well as wearable assembly; its major clients include Apple, BOE, Luxshare Precision and LG.

HYC has provided its self-developed Micro OLED testing equipment for multinational giants. The technologies under development—namely the Micro OLED display driving testing technology and optical property and defect detection technologies for Micro LED/OLED near-eye displays—have also made significant progress. Moreover, the inauguration of the company’s second-phase smart factory is expected to enhance its production capacity of testers for flat-panel Mini/Micro LED and Micro OLED displays.

In November this year, HYC issued 800 million yuan ($126 million) worth of convertible bonds to invest in the establishment of smart automation equipment, production projects of precision testers and semiconductor SIP chip testers, a research, development and production project of novel microdisplay testers and supplement of circulating capital.

The research, development and production project of novel microdisplay testers totals an investment of 167 million yuan ($26.2 million), in which 150 million yuan ($23.6 million) will come from the raised fund. This 2-year project will take place in Suzhou of Jiangsu Province, China. Specifically, the production capacity of testing devices for flat-panel Mini/Micro LED and Micro OLED displays will be established, and will be handled by HYC itself.

To accomplish the project, HYC intends to study technologies of novel microdisplay testers by trying different approaches, aiming to improve the testers’ detection performance. The company will also modify and improve the performance of existing testing equipment, accelerate the research and development of new testers, promote advances of technologies powering testing equipment, and accumulate sufficient know-how for technological upgrades of the said microdisplay testers.

HYC indicates that testing is a necessary procedure of flat panel display production. With increasingly mature technologies, more enterprises have entered the flat panel display industry. Leading players including BOE, TCL, CEC, Foxconn and LGD have helped accelerate the construction of relevant production lines in China, thereby expanding the country’s production capacity of flat panel displays with improved localization rate.

The said project signifies HYC’s active compliance with flat panel display policies proposed by the Chinese government; the project will largely help the company to devise comprehensive market development strategies and improve its competitiveness. Following the rise of AR/MR product and application markets in the coming years, HYC will have innovative technologies of the said testers through the project with improved overall profitability. (Summarized by Mia from LEDinside)

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