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Virtual Reality Player EM3 Announces Prototype of Micro OLED VR Glasses

Recently, VR company EM3 (Beijing Yilian Technology Co., Ltd.) announced a prototype of ultra-slim VR glasses with the code name ETHER, which is only 6.8mm thick and weighs no more than 35g.

The prototype, adopting split design, is powered by a Micro OLED monitor and features full-color display, 2.5k single-eye resolution, 90° field of view (FOV), and inter-pupillary distance adjustment. Reportedly, the prototype’s upcoming iteration version is likely to provide an FOV of up to 110° with unchanged size.

The EM3-ETHER glasses also adopt a special optical imaging system called NEO-M. By replacing the conventional bulky VR lenses with a pair of diffraction lenses, the system can focus the entire visible spectrum of light to clearly represent images within extremely short focal length. Therefore, the system helps reduce the thickness of optical modules considerably.

Notably, the optical system enables correction of refractive errors for myopia up to 1200° (−12 diopters) without additional glasses, which has never been seen before.

Founded in 2018, Beijing Yilian Technology dedicates itself to developing advanced optical display and interactive technologies. The current product mix comprises consumer headsets and VR/AR software applications. (Source: Sina VR)

By LEDinside