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Youngwoo DSP to Develop MicroLED Package

Youngwoo DSP said on Wednesday that it has chosen to lead a national project to develop a new MicroLED package technology.

The project given by South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is aiming to develop an ultra-small RGB layer based MicroLED manufacturing technology.

The project will be given a 25.36 billion won budget and will last until December 31, 2024.

The technology aims to transfer LED chips at the wafer level. This technology will allow for the production of a 360ppi resolution display panel.

Youngwoo DSP said the technology will increase the alignment precision and density of the pixels.

The packaging process will also take a shorter time, reducing costs.

The company is hoping that the technology can also be applied to small- and mid-sized displays so that it can be applied to smartwatches, headsup displays on cars and augmented reality applications.

Currently commercialized MicroLED technology is used in ultra-large displays. Transferring LED chips to the substrate takes time and there are currently precision issues, making the technology difficult to apply to smaller displays.

By LEDinside