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Precision Manufacturer Brave C&H Develops New Business to Target Mini/Micro LED Industry

The revenue of Brave C&H further declined in May, with a conservative outlook overall. The company plans to optimize existing high-end products in the short run, aiming to widen the gap with its competitors. Its mid-to-long-term plan centers on increasing investment in non-solar products, utilizing the current product advantages to stimulate customers’ demand for precision printing, and expanding contract printing services. Presently, these strategies have proved to be effective.

In May, Brave C&H generated a revenue of NT$95.63 million (US$3.4 million), a monthly decline of over 9% that hit a new low over the past 2 years. The company indicates that the outlook in Q2 remains conservative.

Regarding other conditions of the overall market, pressure from customers in this year include uneven increases in crystalline silicon materials between upstream and downstream suppliers, leading to fluctuated utilization rates among cell manufacturers in the downstream. Moreover, high volatility of exchange rates has increased the production cost, while the ongoing pandemic has caused spikes in air and sea freight shipping costs.

Regarding the question of whether the trend of increasing cell size can stimulate the use of screens, Brave C&H indicates that large-size solar cells (e.g., M10/G12) can account for 50% of sales this year and that Chinese manufacturers have released large-size 500W cell modules. Therefore, demand for large cells exists, mostly for p-type PERC cells. By contrast, the proportion of n-type products have increased year by year, making the n-type cell a potential mainstream product. However, the high development cost of such cells has made the progress slow.

In the long run, Brave C&H intends to focus on non-solar fields, such as the production of laser PI screen, a product with escalating demand in the electronic components industry. At present, Brave C&H has established a new business for cooperative development with partners from Mini/Micro LED and biological testing fields. The company has sent samples of its laser PI screen and received official feedback from the passive component industry. In the future, Brave C&H will establish an ultra-fine line printing center that targets the development of 5G and biotech, so as to fulfil the company’s core values.

By LEDinside