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AU Optronics Dedicates into Mini and Micro LED Market by increasing its Shareholding in Ennostar

On March 24th, panel maker AU Optronics announced that in order to strengthen business cooperation and long-term equity investment with its affiliate, Ennostar, AU Optronics has invested an additional 302 million NT dollars in the past month and will continue to increase this year. About 604 million NT dollars has been invested so far, and the controlling stake in Ennostar has risen to 7.87%.

Ennostar was established by LED giants, Epistar and Lextar to devoted into MiniLED market. AU Optronics was originally the major shareholder of Lextar. After the share exchange, AU Optoelectronics became one of Ennostar’s holding companies. AU Optronics continued to increase its share in Ennostar in the past three months after Ennostar listing on January 6th.

Since the beginning of this year, AU Optronics has continued to increase its shareholding in group businesses such as Ennostar and Qisda. Chairman Peng Shuanglang said, "Ennostar has targeted on the next-generation display such as Mini and MicroLED market, because AU Optronics owns about 70-80 billion NT dollars in cash in its account. As long as there are good targets, we will continue to invest in the establishment of an ecological chain. 

By LEDinside