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LCD panel shortage to continue throughout 2021, says Innolux president

Strong demand for LCD panels in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has created shortages that will remain in the entire 2021, according to Innolux president James Yang.

Global production capacity for LCD panels exceeds global demand currently, but actual output is much less than the capacity due to continued shortages of key components including polarizers, power ICs, driver ICs and glass substrates, Yang said at a March 3 investors conference.

Shortage of ICs is the most serious and may remain until first-half 2022, Yang noted. Japan-based Nippon Electric Glass and Asahi Glass, two main suppliers of glass substrates, have seen factory accidents and the glass supply is expected to be tight in first-half 2021, Yang indicated.

In view of potential demand for high value-added automotive displays along with development of smart cockpits and integration of various digital information, Innolux has worked with clients developing high-end free-form miniLED-backlit LCD automotive displays of over 20 inches for use in high-end car models, Yang said, adding Innolux has begun small-volume shipments for such displays, and aims to become the market leader in 2023.

Due to the pandemic and along with increasing deployments of 5G infrastructure, global demand for online education is growing fast, and Innolux's shipment for notebook-use LCD panels in 2020 hiked 50% on year to become the second-largest supplier worldwide, Yang indicated.

Of global demand for Chromebooks used in online education, 30% was met in 2020 and 70% is not yet satisfied, and Innolux is optimistic about shipments for notebook-use LCD panels in 2021, Yang noted.

In view of fast increasing application of AI, IoT and 5G, Innolux has stepped into business other than LCD panels. Based on TFT-LCD manufacturing technology, Innolux has worked with US-based Kymeta to produce liquid crystal meta-surface antennas and with InnoCare Optoelectronics, its subsidiary, to produce X-ray flat panel detectors for medical diagnosis.