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Wah Hong enters car industry supply chain

Display components supplier Wah Hong Industrial has cut into the automobile industry supply chain, according to the Taiwan-based company.

Hua Hong's touch panel-use optical films and polarizers for automotive applications have already entered the car supply chain.

The fast development smart electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous driving will drive up the number of display panels used in a single car, and the screen size will also increase. These new applications are expected to bring significant growth potential to the car display market.

Hua Hong's car-use optical films and polarizers have both obtained IATF 16949. After entering the automotive supply chain, Hua Hong will actively expand the application and sales of its automotive products to enhance revenue growth, said the company.

Hua Hong said the COVID-19 pandemic is discouraging workers from travel and raising their willingness to continue working during the upcoming Lunar New Year holidays, and company's capacity utlization rates lines will remain high.

In January 2021, Hua Hong's consolidated revenue reached NT$993 million (US$35.52 million), up 9.15% compared to December 2020 and up 25.86% compared to the same period in 2020.

Hua Hong pointed out that in January customer demand for TV, IT and various large-size panel applications remained strong, while demand for automotive panels improved, driving sales of optoelectronic materials.