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LG Display focuses on OLED at CES 2021

LG Display (LGD) showcased OLED TV panels of varying sizes at the online CES 2021, a bid to maintain its market leadership in OLED technology.

LGD showcased a 77-inch OLED panel with resolution of 3,840x2,160; a 55-inch transparent OLED panel of 1,920x1,080; a 48-inch bendable OLED panel with 3,840x2,160, .

Affiliated LG Electronics exhibited miniLED-backlit LCD TVs and microLED digital signage at the event, but it still showed strong emphasis on OLED's use in high-end TVs, Digitimes Research found.

LGD has offered 48-, 55-, 65-, 77- and 88-inch OLED TV panels and will add 42- and 83-inch ones to the lineup in 2021. Besides, LGD will offer small- to medium-size OLED panels for use in mobile and gaming devices as well as automotive displays.

LGD has set a goal of shipping 7-8 million OLED panels in 2021.