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Epileds sees growing demand for disinfection-use UV-C LEDs

Epileds Technologies has seen significant growth in demand for UV-C LED chips for disinfection applications due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to company chairman and president Hsu Ming-sen.

Orders for UV-C LEDs used in hand-held disinfection devices sharply surged in second-quarter 2020 and have decreased to a stable level since the third quarter, Hsu said. Besides, demand for UV-C LED chips used in air purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators and other home appliances will rise, Hsu noted.

Demand for LEDs used in notebook backlighting has risen since the second quarter and that for IR LEDs used in physiological sensors of smart wearable devices is expected to increase, Hsu indicated, adding that IR LEDs are also used in horticultural lighting.

Since LCD panel maker Innolux became its largest shareholder in 2018, Epileds has been developing microLED chips, Hsu said. Innolux's recent exhibition of new products using micr LED technology has highlighted Epileds' progress in the segment, but it is uncertain when microLED chips will come into commercial use, Hsu noted.

In terms of LED applications, sensing accounted for 37% of January-September 2020 consolidated revenues of NT$916.5 million (US$31.5 million), curing and disinfection for 28%, automotive for 15%, backlighting for 13%, lighting for 1%, and others for 5%.