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NeoGene Tech unveils ultrathin MagicWick technology at 10um to push vapor chamber application in OLED display

NeoGene Tech has unveiled a breakthrough technology to fabricate a porous wick structure with thickness at only 10-micron, enabling ultrathin vapor chamber devices in large area with thickness of 0.15mm and even thinner.

The ultrathin porous wick structure, called MagicWick, can be easily made in large area by adopting automatic Print Wick Structuring (PWS) approach, said the company, which is based in Guangzhou, China. The company said it is devoted to revolutionizing the way of making ultra-thin vapor chamber devices for 5G mobile computing applications by promoting its novel PWS approach and MagicWick-Inside Technology Platform.

The 10-micron thick three dimensional porous wick structure is formed by a very tiny semiconductor crystal powder during a reactive sintering process. A proprietary Magic Paste is used in the PWS process to make the MagicWick such thinner, said the company.

Heat management is crucial to smartphones with OLED displays, which are emerging as the leading phone screen technology. The world's most popular phone vendors are all shipping AMOLED smartphones.

The useful life and brightness of OLED is very temperature sensitive. The brightness will decay and cannot be reversed in higher temperature operation. The design of 5G smartphone is compact and the power heating is double that of 4G devices. Integrating a large-area ultrathin vapor chamber on the backside of the AMOLED panel seems a good solution for thermal management but ultra-thin porous wick structure will be a vital issue in such application, said industry experts.

"It is impossible to make highly porous wick structure at such ultrathin thickness by using traditional copper mesh or copper sintered powder technology. Thanks to NeoGene Tech's revolutionary PWS and Magic Paste technology, the MagicWick structure at 10-micron thickness can be realized. It makes the ultrathin MagicWick-Inside VC devices at under 0.15 mm possible. NeoGene Tech is planning to offer this ultrathin MagicWick solution to major smartphone brands and vapor chamber manufacturers in early 2021," said Jeffrey Chen, CEO of NeoGene Tech.