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Taiwan ICT and Electronics Industry Contributing to Remote Working Solutions amid and post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way of life for people around the globe. As working from home becomes prevalent during lockdowns, laptops, tablets, servers, and ICT related products are playing crucial roles to keep the world connected. Taiwan, as a leading ICT supplier, can provide high quality remote working solutions amid and post COVID-19.

Remote working demands have risen since the COVID-19 outbreak began earlier this year. The Taiwan government announced recently that export orders for April amounted to US$38.53 billion with an annual increase of 2.3%, and ICT and electronic shipments registered record double-digit growth in the same month compared to that of past years.

The high growth, according to the Census and Statistics Department, was due to the high demand arising from remote working arrangements around the globe. Specifically, demands for electronics, laptops, servers, NetCom products, and cybersecurity solutions proved to be the strongest sectors.

In addition, the increased tensions between Washington and Beijing since 2018 and China’s rising wages and social security costs, as well as stricter environmental regulations, have further spurred demands for servers and electronic components produced outside of China. Consequently, many Taiwanese electronics and ICT manufacturers have swiftly relocated their production facilities back to Taiwan.

Official reports showed that since January 2019, 189 Taiwanese businesses located in China have applied for the "Return to Taiwan Investment Project", and in turn invested more than US$25.3 billion back home, with most of the funds invested in high-tech sectors.

Meanwhile, Taiwan business investment in China halved in 2019 due to the 10% tariff on Chinese-made servers, ICT products and electronic products imposed by the US since September 2018. The tariff was increased to 25% in May 2019.

As global manufacturers are starting a new wave of China exodus, the relocation of Taiwan’s ICT and electronics businesses can provide a new and reinforced base for reliable global industrial supply chains.

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By Taiwantrade