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EOI sees strong outlook for LED taillight module shipments to North America

A major North American client's decisions to not make major revisions to its car models in the next 3-5 years will allow Excellence Optoelectronics (EOI) to continue shipping existing models of LED automotive taillight modules until 2026, according to the company.

EOI said it has also obtained orders from new clients, with shipments to begin in 2021.

EOI is expected to see additional revenues of NT$1.0-1.5 billion (US$33.9-50.8 million) a year from the new clients and the shipments of the existing modules beginning 2021, according to industry sources.

EOI supplies LED automotive taillight modules for Tesla Model 3, with the corresponding revenues taking up 12% of January-June 2020 consolidated sales, the sources said, adding EOI will deliver shipments for Model Y in 2021 and likely for revised Model S and Model X.

For OEM supply for US carmakers, EOI is setting up a production base in Michigan in three phases, with seven assembly lines to be constructed in the first phase and come into operation in 2024. The first assembly line has been completed and construction for the second one will begin soon, to be completed in second-half 2021.

EOI is also developing fine-pitch mini LED displays for automotive dashboards and large-size displays, with the former being certified and shipments for the latter to kick off in first-half 2021. EOI has monthly capacity for packaging about 100 million mini LED chips currently and is expanding it toward one billion mini LEDs by the end of 2020.