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MicroLED Innovator Opens New State-of-the-Art Facility

Hsinchu, Monday 20th February 2023: Porotech, the global leader in microLED and Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology, celebrated the opening of its new facility in Hsinchu.
Porotech developed its new trademarked technology, DynamicPixelTuning® (DPT®), for microLEDs, using its proprietary PoroGaN material, which enables a single microLED chip to produce any visible colour from a single pixel, including a brilliant white light. This development is a game-changer for the display industry at large. By removing the need for red-green-blue (RGB) sub-pixels, DPT allows a microLED-driven display to increase overall pixel density by a factor of four, while producing gains in resolution, brightness and efficiency for every type of display.

With this technology, Porotech has created monochrome and transparent displays to demonstrate the quality of their single-colour images, as well as the variety of uses there are for this technology. While AR/VR/XR is the application focus of many companies, microLED microdisplays can be used in other applications such as helmet-mounted displays, thermal sights, automotive or avionic head-up displays, viewfinders and even direct-view watches.

Co-founder and CEO of Porotech, Dr Tongtong Zhu, commented: “This is only the beginning of Porotech in Taiwan, but I hope it will be collaborative and that we will produce progressive results as a team.”

Guests ranged from LED industry workers to university professors, to local government representatives. Following the introductory talks, everyone was invited to inspect several demonstrations of the technology for applications ranging from AR/VR to larger displays. During the event, the monochrome and transparent displays were shown, and guests enjoyed the opportunity to talk about the exciting plans that Porotech has for the future and ask CEO Dr. Zhu and VP Display & Head of Taiwan Dr. Kashyap about their innovative technology.

Porotech is proud to open this new facility as a disruptor of the display industry and plans to continue growing and further developing their ground-breaking technology.

By LEDinside