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Macroblock wins mini LED driver IC orders from major displays firms

Macroblock has obtained orders for its mini LED driver ICs from major display vendors for use in their large-size RGB mini LED TVs, according to the company.

Samsung, Konka and TCL reportedly are among Macroblock's clients, according to industry sources.

Macroblock is able to develop mini LED driver ICs featuring 384 channels, higher than general LED driver ICs' 48, and support 128 or 256 scans, higher than 64 scans of the general ones.

Macroblock acquired the mass transfer technology from Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories under government-sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute three years ago, and has reached a yield rate of 99.99% for the technology and will keep improving mass transfer yield rate and speed, company chairman Li-chang Yang noted. RGB mini LED display modules based on mass transfer technology are expected to have high gross margins, Macroblock president Robert Chen said.

As PCBs for mini LED backlighting modules are witnessing a serious problem of warping, Macroblock is cooperating with TFT-LCD panel makers to develop glass substrates for use as back planes, Yang indicated.