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2023 TrendForce Next Generation Display Industry Seminar

In 2022, the recurrence of COVID-19 disrupted the normal operation of society and economy. However, next generation display industry still maintained solid growth, continuously breaking through technical barriers.

This year, manufacturers vigorously tapped display market potential and explored new development paths. With years of strenuous efforts, they started to bear fruit with Mini/Micro LED technology growing further mature and expanding its footprint in more application fields. Doubtlessly, Mini/Micro LED again fell under the spotlight.

As Mini LED cost continued to decline, nearly 80 new backlight products hit the market in 2022, covering diverse consumer electronics products such as TV, monitor, notebook, pad and VR device. In regard to Micro LED, it further penetrated large-sized display and AR device markets.

Besides, Mini/Micro LED automotive display came to the fore. As the booming automotive market in China boosted the demand for LED and accelerated Mini/Micro LED adoption in this field, automotive display emerged as another promising application market for Mini/Micro LED technology.

On top of that, numerous indoor and outdoor display applications continually empowered display industry, including high-end corporation & education, home theater, virtual production, rental events and sport events, etc.

On balance, 2022 was a bumper harvest for next generation display technology despite a volatile environment and this positive development trend is expected to carry over to 2023.

Looking ahead, how will next generation display industry progress forward amid an easing of global coronavirus lockdowns? Can Mini LED demand continue to trend upward? Will Micro LED break new ground in technology and application aspects? Will there be any new signs in fine & ultra-fine pitch LED display market?

To shed some light on these questions, LEDinside and WitsView, research institutes of TrendForce, will hold 2023 TrendForce Next Generation Display Industry Seminar in JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen on March 30, 2023.

At that time, veteran analysts along with industry experts from display field will discuss the latest market climate and development trend of next generation display technology, jointly looking forward to a brilliant future.

By LEDinside