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Harvatek to step into mini/micro LED probing, testing

arvatek will work with affiliated YoungTek Electronics to provide probing and testing services for mini/micro LED chip makers, according chairman Bily Wang for both companies.

YoungTek-developed equipment for probing, testing and sorting mini LED chips underwent certification in first-half 2020 and is expected to be launched in fourth-quarter 2020. It plans to invest NT$3 billion to produce 1,000 sets of the equipment in three years, with an initial sum of NT$1.0 billion to be invested in 2020.

The probing and testing work for mini LEDs is at least five times as much as that for regular LEDs, and it will be at least 100 times when it comes to micro LEDs, Wang noted. Probing and testing methods may be similar for both regular and mini LEDs, but different ones will be needed for micro LEDs whose electrodes are too small and too thin, Wang explained.

Optical inspection plus non-contact mass inspection based on algorithm will be used to probe and test micro LED chips, Wang indicated, adding that YoungTek will use its expertise for the purpose.

A Harvatek-developed 276-inch 4K fine-pitch LED display was recently featured at a Chunghwa Telecom ceremony marking the beginning of its 5G services, and several 166-inch fine-pitch LED displays have been installed at a department store in Taipei. Currently, fine-pitch LED displays take up 30-40% of Harvatek's consolidated revenues.