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Macroblock Creates the Reality with Comprehensive LED Display IC Upgrade at ISE 2023

Using LED displays (or LED walls) for virtual production has gained so much momentum in film industry these years, filmmakers now want more. The specification upgrade of LED displays is coming into play, including smaller pixel pitch, wide color depth with better low-grayscale performance, higher frame rate, higher refresh rate, and low power consumption. Macroblock showcases a series of LED display driver ICs for virtual production to make LED display upgrade simple and possible, and on top of that, all driver ICs meet 16-bit grayscales with better low-grayscale performance, high refresh rate from 3,840 to 7,680Hz, power saving features, and higher frame rate from 120fps to 240fps or higher.

At ISE 2023, Macroblock separates the booth in four demonstration zones by applications.


XR LED Display in Virtual Production:
48-Channel Common Cathode LED Display Driver IC- MBI5762

MBI5762 is designed with Macroblock’s patented common cathode architecture and new XR LED display features. To reduce power consumption, the common cathode architecture along with Dynamic+ Power Saving feature may reduce the heat from XR LED display system up to 30%. The new XR LED display features, PWM Enhancement Plus and Hyper Vision Calculation, may boost the visual refresh up to 7680Hz at 16bit HDR video source as well as reduce flickers at low-grayscale images. Therefore, MBI5762 can greatly optimize display performance not only high frame rate from 120fps to 240fps or higher, but great uniformity at low-grayscale images for high-end virtual production need.


XR LED Display in Virtual Production:
16-Channel LED Display Driver IC – MBI5265, MBI5264, and MBI5754

MBI5265 is an upgrade to MBI5264, one of Macroblock’s best-selling 64-scan design LED driver IC for virtual production. MBI5265 is featured with all advantages of its precedent product, yet it supports higher output current to 30mA and higher scan up to 96 scans to drive more pixels with simplified system design at the same visual effects (16-bit grayscale @ 3,840Hz refresh rate). Same as MBI5762, MBI5754, a 16-channel LED display driver IC, is also designed with the patented common cathode architecture and Dynamic+ Power Saving features while maintaining good quality visual effects at 16-bit grayscale and at least 3,840Hz refresh rate at maximum 64-scan design.


LED Ceiling in Virtual Production and Outdoor Display:
16-Channel LED Display Driver IC – MBI5262

MBI5262 provides high brightness and 16-bit grayscale at 3,840Hz refresh rate for outdoor and XR LED ceiling displays. For a 180~360 degrees XR studio, LED ceiling is sometimes necessary for additional lighting or immersion purposes. MBI5262 supports 4~60mA output current for high brightness and great uniformity LED displays, creating perfect simulation of natural light sources for virtual production and delicate image quality for outdoor displays.


mini-/micro-LED Display
48-Channel Highly-Integrated LED Display Driver IC

As a leading supplier of mini and micro-LED display driver IC, Macroblock has launched a high integration solution-MBI5864, with 16 embedded power switches and 48 constant current channels to control 64 x 64 pixels LED matrix by merely 4 chips of MBI5864. It provides 16-bit grayscale and 3,840Hz visual refresh rate with great uniformity at 64-scan design for pixel pitch 0.4mm to 1mm LED displays.

Welcome to visit us at ISE 2023 for the latest product and technology demonstrations!
Date: January 31(Tue.) to February 3(Fri.), 2023
Venue: Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain
Macroblock Booth No.: 5H-240

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