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Samsung’s Micro LED TV for 2023 comes in sizes ranging from 50-inch to 140-inch

Samsung unveiled its first consumer-grade Micro LED TVs in 2019. Today, at CES 2023, the company unveiled its latest Micro LED TV lineup, which now comes in various sizes ranging from 50 inches to 140 inches. Earlier, the company’s Micro LED TVs started at a size of 89 inches, so the new smaller size is encouraging to see, especially for general consumers.

The new 4K Micro LED TVs from Samsung, featuring 4,000 nits peak brightness, a 240Hz refresh rate, and a 2-nanosecond response time, will be available in six sizes: 50-inch, 63-inch, 76-inch, 89-inch, 101-inch, 114-inch, and 140-inch. This provides consumers with a breadth of options, something that wasn’t possible earlier. Since Samsung’s Micro LED TVs are modular and not pre-built, they can be arranged in any shape or size, depending on the user’s needs. In addition, they lack any bezel, so the gap between the modular panels isn’t visible at all. The new TVs feature 20-bit black details, so you can see better colors and more details in the darker region of a picture frame.

Micro LED is considered to be the holy grail of display technologies, offering OLED-like blacks and viewing angles and Mini-LED-like sustained brightness. Each pixel in a Micro LED TV can display its own backlight and color, which means that the TV doesn’t need a separate backlight. Since they don’t use organic material like OLED and QD-OLED displays, Micro LED panels don’t suffer from burn-in issues. However, they are extremely costly right now, and their prices are expected to drop in the coming years, becoming viable for general consumers.

Samsung is yet to release pre-built Micro LED TVs that come in a single box. Customers need to order multiple Micro LED tiles/panels which are then joined together by professionals at the user’s place. However, in the future, we expect Samsung to start selling them like regular TVs with built-in speakers. The company is yet to announce the pricing or availability of its new Micro LED TVs.

By LEDinside