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AGC to Exhibit Next-generation Mobility-enabling Products & Technologies at CES2023

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AGC, the provider of a wide range of solutions from automotive and display glass to the cutting-edge materials essential for next-generation mobility, will exhibit at CES2023, the world's leading technology trade show, being held in Las Vegas during January 3-8, 2023. The 3rd and 4th will be reserved for media and pre-show keynotes; the fair will be open to the public from the 5th. The company will exhibit 17 of its products, including several brand new releases.

AGC has been a leading manufacturer of architectural, automotive and display glass for more than 110 years, supplying high-quality products worldwide. Today, the company leverages its technological expertise in the fields of glass, electronics, chemicals, and ceramics to provide a variety of cutting-edge materials and services that meet the growing demand for autonomous driving and other mobility services.

One of the highlights of AGC’s exhibits at CES will be the company’s FIR (far infrared) camera-compatible windshield, featuring special glass that allows far-infrared rays to penetrate, something which ordinary automotive glass does not. This allows sensor fusion of regular visible and FIR cameras mounted behind the windshield and reduces the risk of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists at night or in bad weather.

Another highlight of the exhibit will be AGC’s glass composition and processing technologies; these provide the strength and optical capabilities needed to mount and deploy the cameras and the LiDAR (light detection and ranging) components required for autonomous driving. A wide range of other solutions will also be exhibited, including the 5G-sub6 Glass Antenna and the 3D Curved Cover Glass For Automotive Interior Displays. For a complete list, please refer to the Appendix.

Yoshinori Hirai, President & CEO of AGC, commented, “CES is one of the world's most influential technology trade shows, and we see it as the best stage on which to showcase AGC's capabilities to the world. We strongly believe our next-generation mobility-related products and solutions will create a buzz among CES visitors. The materials we offer have an appeal that can only be successfully conveyed when they are seen and experienced up close. We hope that as many people as possible will learn firsthand about the value we offer and make good use of our products.”

Please stop by our booth and see the various ways in which AGC is pushing the boundaries of technology. If you would like to interview an AGC spokesperson, please contact us.

By LEDinside