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EOI, Edison see rebounding shipments for LED automotive lighting

Excellence Optoelectronics (EOI) and Edison Opto have seen orders for LED automotive lighting modules rebound in third-quarter 2020 and expect booming shipments to remain until November 2020 at least, according to the companies.

EOI mainly supplies lighting modules for carmakers in the US, the company said. Mainly because car plants in the US temporarily stopped production in April-May 2020 due to coronavirus pandemic, EOI suffered operating loss of NT$20.3 million (US$689,000) for the second quarter, the company noted, adding that these car plants have gradually resumed production since June.

EOI reportedly is a supplier of taillight modules for Tesla Model 3 produced in the US, with the corresponding revenue proportion for 2020 estimated at 10-13%, and the supply may extend to Model Y.

Currently, LED automotive lighting modules account for 88% of EOI's consolidated revenues, LED streetlamps 7%, and LED packaged devices 5%.

EOI has recently extended production to fine-pitch mini LED displays of over 165 inches, with the US to be the target market. EOI plans to set up dedicated production lines for such displays in second-half 2021.

Edison saw general lighting account for 58% of second-quarter 2020 LED module shipments and automotive lighting for 28%.

Due to rebounding shipments to the US, the proportion of revenues for automotive lighting modules is expected to rise from about 15% in second-quarter 2020 to 15-20% in third-quarter 2020 and to over 20% in fourth-quarter 2020, Edison indicated.

For revenues from automotive lighting modules, the US and China markets will take up 60% and 40% respectively in second-half 2020, Edison said. Edison plans to compete for orders directly from China-based carmakers, and expects the China and US markets to each take up 50% of revenues in the future.

Edison has reported consolidated reveneus of NT$142.2 million for July, decreasing 7.65% sequentially and 17.30% on year, and those of NT$1.123 billion for January-July slipped 20.73% on year.