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Product launch information of reactor with 200mW high power 265nm LED for water disinfection

Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. (Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President and Representative Director: Yasuaki Kaizumi) announced today that new product launch of "UV-C LED Reactor ULR9C(AℓNUV_Aqua)" (hereafter referred to as "this product") equipped with world's highest class UV output 200mW 265nm LED light source.

We have achieved high disinfection performance and high durability through our in-house development and integrated production from UV-C LED to finished products, using optical technology cultivated as an automotive headlamp manufacturer and device performance that meets automotive quality requirements. Furthermore, the light source of this product is mercury-free in accordance with the Minamata Convention and environmental impact.


■ Product overview

1. Product equipped with high output 200mW UV-C LED with high disinfection effect of wavelength 265nm.

2. Compact design utilizing optical technology and structural design technology allows to reduce the space for installation in customer's equipment.

3. 10mJ/㎠ at 1.8㎥/hour of disinfection treatment is possible even in a compact size.

4. Maximum lifetime of LED 20,000hours, the world longest level among air cooled products.
Thanks to the combination of high-quality in-house UV-C LED light source and efficient cooling system.


■ Applications

For pure water treatment equipment, industrial water processing systems, and small-scale water purifying plant, etc.


■ Product launch schedule

November 2022


■Product lineup of water disinfection product (AℓNUV_Aqua)

This new product to be launched will enhance the medium range of water disinfection products using UV-C LEDs.

We will continue to develop a variety of disinfection products, including larger flow rate UV-C LED reactors.

By LEDinside