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Nichia will exhibit at Light + Building 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany

Tokushima, Japan – 13 September 2022: At Light + Building 2022 in Frankfurt, Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LEDs will shine the spotlight on a number of ground-breaking LED technologies that are setting the pace in the global lighting industry. As Nichia continues developing for a brighter world, visitors to the exhibition will see the latest fruits of its cutting-edge R&D.

Taking center stage will be Dynasolis™, a new LED tuning solution that regulates circadian rhythms by simultaneously adjusting melanopic illuminance and color temperature while maintaining high CRI and high efficacy. The building industry is increasingly encouraging designs that bring more natural light indoors, with human centric lighting (HCL) and circadian lighting gaining attention. Most existing HCL systems work by changing CCT (correlated color temperature), the visual element. However, Nichia also focuses on the non-visual element that truly addresses human circadian rhythms, from waking up to going to sleep. Dynasolis™ achieves this effect by offering both color and spectrum tuning, ranging from energizing azure to a peaceful, calming warm-white hue. By combining two separate LED spectra, building markets such as healthcare, education and office at last have a solution that provides independent control of this critical functionality, allowing biologically effective light to enhance mood and wellbeing on a sustainable level.

Elsewhere on the booth, will be Nichia’s H6 Series, which heralds a new era of LED adoption by delivering the industry’s highest joint-boost in color quality and efficacy. By combining the company’s accumulated phosphor technology with KSF narrow-band red phosphor and TriGain® Technology, Nichia has optimized the light spectrum and overcome the trade-off between efficacy and CRI. The portfolio extends from mid-power to chip-on-board (COB) products, presenting ideal solutions for applications that include retail, hospitality, and offices.


Show visitors interested in solutions for street lighting, as well as area and landscape lighting, will find a product of great interest in the form of Nichia’s HPS color LEDs. This product faithfully reproduces the emission color of a high-pressure sodium lamp (HPS), which finds common use in road and outdoor lighting. Unlike existing market solutions, the key feature of Nichia’s HPS color LED is that it maintains the nostalgic atmosphere of the landscape with the same emission color as HPS while improving color visibility through its higher CRI (Ra≥70). Lighting fixtures equipped with this LED not only offer a lifespan 2.5 times longer than that of HPS, but also provide higher luminous efficiency, lower energy consumption, and less impact on the ecosystem.

Further Nichia innovations at Light + Building 2022 will include Optisolis™ LEDs and COB solutions that accurately mimic natural light without producing any harmful UV light. Optisolis™ delivers a natural colour rendering performance through the exceptional CRI value of Ra≥98 and an R9 of over 94. Optisolis™ not only shows objects in a more vivid way, it also preserves them at their best, helping prevent the degradation of artworks, printed materials, and textiles, while simultaneously delivering significant energy savings.

Vitasolis™ emits a natural white color with a high content of blue-green energy proven to stimulate awakening and supports a vibrant life. This product can be used in offices, schools, hospitals, and many others for the purpose of improving productivity and learning.

Nichia will also showcase its 2-in-1 tunable white, single light-emitting surface (LES), mid-power 3030 LED. This innovative product allows for higher color quality of up to Ra≥90. It delivers elegant color tuning and mixing within a single LES to provide easier integration into edge-lit waveguides. It also enables creative design potential such as thinner, sleeker optical luminaire designs, eliminating the need for bulky color mixing chambers.

“Whether it’s bringing vitality and wellbeing to healthcare, work, and leisure spaces, or ensuring valuable objects are appreciated and preserved, the offer from Nichia empowers fixture manufacturers to enhance the world with “Light so Good”, lighting solutions focused on the quality of light,” says Dr Ulf Meiners, Managing Director at Nichia Germany. “Whatever your project or application, we have a solution that will bring notable benefits, including lower power consumption, wider color gamut, higher resolution, and even the ability to encourage comfort and regeneration in healthcare settings. We look forward to discussing your specific requirements at the show.”

By LEDinside