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UVTON Signs DUV LED Deal With SETi

UVTON, a Columbia-based Deep UV LED-based device and solutions provider, has announced sales of DUV LEDs with peak emission wavelength shorter than 365nm.

The company signed an agreement with the pioneer of this technology, Columbia-based Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi). SETi is a subsidiary of Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd.. Under the terms of the agreement UVTON is granted an exclusive rights as a supplier of TO-packaged DUV LEDs in the United States.

“This is the first step in expanding UVTON business opportunities in DUV LED device and solutions markets”, said Remis Gaska, president and CEO of UVTON, and a co-founder and former long-time president and CEO of SETi. “We will provide our customers with extensive technical support by experienced DUV LEDs sales team and are planning to provide devices and customised solutions for systems developers and integrators”.