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High Five!Li Auto's Flagship SUV L9 In-vehicle Display features Macroblock's Backlight driver

In the summer of 2022, China's self-owned car brand "Li Auto" unveiled the flagship SUV-L9. Targeting the same market as BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS, Li L9 adopts “intelligence” as its design philosophy. Macroblock is honored to be a part of the Li L9 supply chain, creating an outstanding model of high-end in-vehicle displays together.

Li L9 realizes a simplified design concept for the driver's seat, replacing the instrument panel (dashboard) with an HUD display system and an interactive safe driving screen. The critical driving information is projected onto the front windshield through the HUD, which increases safety by keeping the driver's eyes on the road. The interactive safe driving screen is mounted above the steering wheel and adopts mini-LED backlight technology driven by Macroblock. The time-multiplexing architecture of Macroblock's mini-LED backlight driver helps implementing a high zone design to allow the screen to have high brightness and high contrast. It can display clearly important driving information (speed, electric current and petrol range) under the sunlight. Also, when driving at night, the screen will not be too bright which otherwise may affect the driver's vision. The multi-touch technology enables better interactions between the HUD and the safe driving screen.

According to LEDinside 2022 Automotive report, the in-vehicle display shipment will reach 185M pcs this year and 241M pcs in 2026 respectively. In response to the booming in-vehicle display market, Macroblock's automotive drivers can help realizing the high brightness, safety, long lifetime and supporting HDR required by mini-LED in-vehicle backlight displays. In addition, all automotive driver ICs pass international automotive certifications, such as AEC-Q100 Grade 1 and ASIL A/B. Brand car manufacturers can enjoy flexibly in choosing the driver ICs according to their display specifications. Macroblock's solutions allow in-vehicle displays to welcome the strong growth period brought by smart cars and new energy vehicles.

By LEDinside