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Nichia expands the Hortisolis™ LED portfolio, the most suitable LEDs for plant growth

Tokushima, Japan – 24 August 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, is pleased to announce additions to the Hortisolis™ portfolio dedicated to plant growth, including new high output COB options (Part Number: NFDWJ130B-V5, NFCWJ108B-V5, NFCWL060B-V5, NFCWL036B-V5, NFCWS024B-V5) and also the high luminous flux density Direct Mountable Chip Series (Part Number: NCSWE17A-V1). By integrating only the light necessary for plant growth in one LED through the delicate combination of phosphors, Hortisolis™ makes it possible to maximize the production efficiency per area of the artificial farm while providing a good working environment in the artificial farm.

Utilizing its competencies in LEDs and phosphors, Nichia has performed many experiments at its own vertical farm in Shanghai, China. Subsequently, Nichia succeeded in developing and commercializing the Hortisolis™ Series of white LEDs which simultaneously achieves the maximum production efficiency per area and also the comfort and efficiency of the workers. In addition to the existing mid-power 757 series package, the high output COB type and high luminous flux density Direct Mountable Chip Series have been added to the portfolio which can be used in a solar-based greenhouse for the purpose of supplemental lighting. By broadening the Hortisolis™ portfolio, customer options can be expanded and widely used for various fixture types. Nichia strongly believes that a Hortisolis™ solution can contribute to solve the issues of food shortage generated by abnormal weather or natural disasters globally.

By LEDinside