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Rohinni and BOE Strengthen Their Partnership via Placement Solution Agreement

Liberty Lake, Washington–August 2, 2022–Rohinni, a leading developer of advanced component placement solutions, today announced its agreement with BOE Pixey, a joint venture between Rohinni and BOE, a global leader in the semiconductor display industry. The agreement outlines the intent to purchase hundreds of Rohinni’s new r-series placement machines to build miniLED display backlight engines and direct emissive displays.

Rohinni’s r-series hardware and Pathfinder productivity software suite enable customers to optimize LED placement throughput for speed and precision. The machine achieves speeds greater than 100Hz with accuracy levels of <10µm. Rohinni’s complete solution achieves a 33% improvement in placement speed, thus requiring 25% fewer machines to meet the projected 2025 demand with 12.6% lower total cost of ownership.

“Rohinni’s placement system sets a new standard for accuracy and throughput. We are excited to deploy their solution in a production environment as Rohinni consistently meets our challenges of advanced display manufacturing,” said Dong Xue, BOE Pixey Chairman. The result of this effort delivers the best possible viewing experiences for our customers. Rohinni is the perfect supplier choice for BOE Pixey as they innovate with us to solve technical issues and work within our standardized manufacturing processes. Using Rohinni’s solution gives us a clear competitive advantage in the advanced display market.”

“We really value our long-standing partnership with BOE Pixey,” commented Ryan Cameron, Rohinni’s CEO. “This agreement signifies a solid commitment from both companies to take display manufacturing to a new level. The miniLED and microLED placement market is growing rapidly and we are committed to capitalize on the leadership Rohinni has established in creating the most advanced placement equipment available. We look forward to making BOE Pixey the leader in advanced displays.”

Justin Wendt, Rohinni CTO reported, “We are excited to launch our newest solution with BOE Pixey. We leverage our process knowledge along with configurable software and proprietary bondheads to deliver the most advanced placement technology in the market. We enable customers to optimize placement throughput and maximize total cost of ownership. As we continue to push the limits on placement technology, customers subscribing to our software updates will see these performance benefits quickly improve line productivity.

By LEDinside