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Apacer Technology develops smart AI-based AOI solutions

Memory module and industrial SSD maker Apacer Technology has stepped into the IoT field and has developed smart AI-based AOI (automated optical inspection) solutions on a customization basis, according to the company.

Equipped with in-house-developed algorithms for high-speed processing of images, such smart AI-based AOI solutions are customized to meet inspection needs by various manufacturing industries and can allow staff working at production lines to set parameters. In addition, Apacer can customize databases and data management systems to match such solutions as well as help users integrate such solutions with existing MES/ShopFloor systems and enhance the flexibility of upgrading factories to smart ones in the future. Furthermore, Apacer provides ODM services for designing and manufacturing automated production lines that can be integrated with existing manufacturing equipment.

Apacer targets smart AI-based AOI solutions for manufacturing industries of display panels, biotechnological pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, contact lenses and food/beverage.

For the production of display panels, in particular, such solutions are integrated with luminance meters, high-end optical lenses, graphics generators, and automated human-machine systems to inspect various display panels including OLED, LCD, miniLED fine-pitch, and microLED panels. In addition, Apacer can also develop customized solutions specifically for inspecting optical materials used in the production of display panels, including enhancement film, polarizers, and light guide plates.

For the production of biotechnological pharmaceuticals, such solutions can inspect appearance flaws, inside substances, and liquid levels of containers of various types and sizes.

Promotion of smart manufacturing in Taiwan lays emphasis on high-end automated manufacturing equipment, while most of the inspection work still relies on human eyes, Apacer noted. Along with wage hikes and labor shortage, smart automated inspection, assembly and packaging have been in great demand, Apacer indicated.