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Signify’s new A-class LED tube: an innovative solution for rising energy prices

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has expanded its Ultra Efficient product lineup with its most energy-efficient LED tube to date. Thanks to its high efficacy, the Philips MASTER LEDtube UE can help customers tackle the global energy crisis, mounting pressure to lower carbon footprints, and stricter EU regulation.

Signify last year broke new ground with the launch of the Philips LED A-class bulb, which consumes 60% less energy than a standard Philips LED. The MASTER LEDtube UE continues this technological innovation to expand the portfolio of energy-efficient products, which meet the A-grade criteria of the new EU energy labeling and eco-design framework. Under these updated rules, lighting products need energy efficiency of at least 210 lm/W to receive an A grade, the highest rating.

Through extensive innovation, we’ve created our most energy-efficient tube yet, and now’s a time when it’s needed more than ever.”


Michael Rombouts

Business unit leader LED Lamps and Luminaires

A typical small business with 100 fluorescent tubes would save EUR 13,661 per year by switching to the A-class Philips MASTER LEDtube UE1. With a 100,000-hour lifespan, the new tube lasts five times longer than its conventional MASTER TL-D counterpart. That removes the need for regular replacements, which increases cost savings while reducing waste. 

“Through extensive innovation, we’ve created our most energy-efficient tube yet, and now’s a time when it’s needed more than ever,” says Michael Rombouts, business unit leader LED Lamps and Luminaires at Signify. “Especially in industries, warehouses, offices, schools and retail spaces, where all-day lighting is required, switching to ultra-efficient LEDs can sharply reduce energy usage related to lighting.”

Sustainability is central to Signify’s strategy and is a key element of the product design process. Compared to a fluorescent tube, a new Philips MASTER LEDtube UE can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 2,285 kg over its lifetime2  - equivalent to the emissions absorbed by more than 100 trees.3 

Signify has long been driving the shift from conventional fluorescent lighting to the more environmentally friendly LED. With the amended RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) EU directive banning the sale of linear fluorescent lamps – among others – from August 2023, high-performance LED lights have an ever more significant role to play. 

“We continue to expand our range of ultra-efficient products, in our drive to have the most energy-efficient portfolio across technologies. With ultra-efficient GU10 LED spots on their way in September, in addition to the currently available bulbs and tubes, our portfolio caters to every application,” says Michael Rombouts.

1 Calculation based on 100 x 58W fluorescent lamps with a lifetime of 20000 hours vs 100 x 17.6W Ultra-Efficient LED tubes with a lifetime of 100000 hours; 0.29 euro energy cost/hour; 5 euro replacement cost per lamp; 8760 burning hours per year

2 Calculation based on CO2 gas emissions of 0.42kg/kWh.

Based on multiple scientific literature, an average fully grown tree can absorb 22 kg CO2 per year.

By LEDinside