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Anycubic and JBD jointly developed the first consumer-grade MicroLED 3D printer

Shenzhen and Shanghai, China, July 26th, 2022 - Anycubic, a well-known consumer 3D printer brand and JBD, a leading manufacturer of MicroLED displays, announced their collaboration to develop the world's first consumer portable MicroLED 3D printer. It is the first collaboration between the two companies to explore the application and innovation of 3D printing technology. 

The MicroLED 3D printer will be equipped with JBD's UV MicroLED Display and the latest adjustable 0.3CC light engine from JBD. The Micro 3D printer comes with a compact light module, bringing incredible flexibility to the printer's design and providing a portable experience to 3D printing users. The MicroLED 3D printer will feature high accuracy, low- energy consumption, and a long lifespan at a competitive price. It can print details as small as 10µm due to the high pixel density (>6000PPI) MicroLED micro-display and the energy consumption during operation is only 6W. Furthermore, JBD’s durable light module will enable the MicroLED 3D Printer to work over 20000hours, highly extending the lifespan. The 3D printer can not only print parts with fine details like jewelry but also print high-precision prototype parts for aerospace, medicine, and other high-tech fields that require high printing accuracy. The product will be unveiled at the TCT Asia Exhibition in August and the CIOE Expo in September in 2022.

MicroLED is a cutting-edge micro-display technology favored by many applications for its outstanding features such as ultra-high brightness, high contrast, high color gamut, low power consumption, etc. JBD's MicroLED is manufactured using its semiconductor hybrid integration technology. And it is a wellestablished technology and is manufactured by combining inorganic III-V light-emitting material LEDs with a silicon-based CMOS backplane. It can be used to manufacture ultra-high pixel pitch micro-displays with pixel densities greater than 10,000 PPI, and use semiconductor materials that can emit wavelengths covering the entire spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared. The 0.13-inch ultraviolet (UV) light engine of the MicroLED combined the features of small size, high contrast ratio, and ultra-low power consumption. It plays an essential role in making this pocket-sized 3D printer.

"We have been following the concept of developing accessible, practical, and innovative products. The cooperation with JBD demonstrates our creativity in product development and the progress that we have made in producing portable 3D printers. It will enable us to go far in unleashing people's creativity and making people enjoy the freedom in creation." Said the representative of Anycubic.

Dr. Li Qiming, the founder and CEO of JBD, said," Constantly exploring new application areas is what keeps JBD moving forward. In this cooperation with Anycubic, JBD will follow the same commitment to providing customers with high-quality MicroLED products. And based on this, we will accelerate the promotion of more leading-edge MicroLED technology products and constantly surpass the benchmarks we have set, pushing further the innovative boundaries of the industry.

The consumer-grade MicroLED 3D printer will give users a new view of 3D printing and MicroLED technology. It will thoroughly demonstrate both companies' advantages in their respective fields and boost the development of each other's industries.

By LEDinside