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BOE Technology continues to dominate the LCD market for iPad in 2022

In 2021, Apple procured 75.5 million LCD panels for iPad production, with 25.3 million units sourced from LG Display (LGD), and 24.5 million units from Sharp. China's BOE Technology, meanwhile, became Apple's largest supplier of iPad LCD panels, with 25.7 million units shipped, and is expected to retain its dominant position into 2022, according to the South Koean media The Elec.

In 2022, Apple is expected to procure 56.0 million LCD panels, a 25.8% decrease from 2021. Among them, 25 million panels are expected to be sourced from BOE, representing 44.6% of the total. The Chinese company will be followed by LGD with 21 million units shipped (37.5%) and Sharp with 10 million units shipped (17.9%).

Compared to that of 2021, the BOE's supply of panels will decline by 700,000 units in 2022. From LGD and Sharp, respectively, supply will decline by 4.3 million units and 14.5 million units.

For MacBook, Apple is expected to procure 26.8 million LCD panels in 2022, an annual growth rate of 1.9%. LGD is expected to supply 14.8 million panels (55.2% of the total), a decrease of 800,000 panels from 2021; Sharp will supply 7.5 million panels (28.0%), also a decrease of 800,000 panels; BOE will supply 4.5 million panels (16.8%), increasing by 2.1 million panels possibly due to lower quotes.

For 13.6-inch MacBook Air alone, LGD will supply 4.2 million panels, and BOE will supply 2.5 million panels.

There were 261 million notebooks shipped globally in 2021, and the shipments in 2022 are estimated to slip by over 9% on year mainly due to inflation. However, global shipments of MacBook in 2022 are estimated to drop by about 4% only.