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JDI Further Develops its Breakthrough Transparent Rælclear Display Technology – New 20.8-Inch Transparent Display with 2X Brightness –

In response to strong customer demand, Japan Display Inc. (JDI) has further developed its breakthrough transparent Rælclear display technology and expects to begin mass production of a new 20.8-inch Rælclear display with 2X brightness in the fall of 2023.

With the world’s highest display transparency, Rælclear is a revolutionary display technology with glass-like transparency and sharp and vivid images fully visible from both the display’s front and back. Rælclear’s name was born from its unique two-way transparency: starting from the letter “c”, Rælclear reads as "clear" in both directions. Rælclear enables brand-new display applications with unprecedented two-way communication.

JDI sold out all of its 12.3-inch Rælclear displays on the Makuake product launch platform in September 2021 and is now selling the 12.3-inch display to customers globally. The design and development of this new 20.8-inch display is in response to customer needs to present more and richer information via a single display. 

In addition to the larger 20.8-inch screen, JDI has deployed its proprietary backplane technology to 2X the refresh rate, reducing flicker and improving image quality. JDI has also upgraded the 20.8-inch display with higher performance LEDs to 2X brightness.

The 12.3-inch Rælclear display was primarily intended for use in facilitating face-to-face communication by converting voice into text. The new 20.8-inch display makes it easier to interpret conversation partners’ facial expressions and display additional information such as images or videos. It is thus expected to be used in medical applications such as over the counter communication and medical examinations, as well as for transportation and signage solutions.

By LEDinside