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Samsung Display to reportedly supply car-use OLED panels for BMW

Samsung Display (SDC) will reportedly supply OLED panels used in automotive displays for BMW, according to South Korea-based ETNews.

SDC will supply OLED panels for use in displays inside new BMW sedan car models of which production will begin in 2024. During 6-7 years after the production begins, SDC will supply OLED panels for use in four million BMW sedan cars.

SDC initially supplied OLED panels for use in Ioniq 5, an electric SUV developed and produced by Hyundai Motor, in 2021. With this as a basis, SDC has expanded R&D staff specifically for car-use OLED panels and is actively seeking business opportunities from Europe-based automakers, especially Audi.

SDC will end production of TV-use LCD panels at the end of June 2022, possibly a reason for it to actively tap the international market of car-use OLED panels.

While LG Display started production of car-use OLED panels earlier and currently has a much larger global market share than SDC, the two have monopolized global supply of car-used OLED panels currently.

According to Omdia, the global market value for car-use OLED panels will increase from KRW56.0 billion (US$42.91 million) in 2020 to KRW680 billion in 2025.