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BOE Technology poised to produce OLED TV panels

China-based BOE Technology is in preparation to produce OLED TV panels of five size segments from 55 inches to 95 inches, according to South Korea-based Chosun Biz.

BOE has produced smartphone-use OLED panels. In view of large market potential for OLED TVs, BOE has decided to extend OLED production to TV applications.

BOE will set up a trial production line for OELD TV panels at its 8G line in northern China and plans to ship about 300,000 such panels in 2022.

BOE showcased a 95-inch 8K OLED panel at SID 2022 during May 10-12. The panel is based on white OLED manufacturing process and features maximum brightness of 800nits and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

LG Display occupies most of global supply of OLED TV panels currently, while Samsung Display began to produce TV-use QD-OLED panels in early 2022.

If BOE can ship more than one million OLED TV panels a year, LG Display's global market share is likely to drop by over 10pp.