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Acclaimed Waveguide Manufacturer Dispelix Partners with Laser Beam Scanning Leader MEGAONE at COMPUTEX Taipei

TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- COMPUTEX Taipei, Booth X -- At the world-renowned COMPUTEX Taipei trade show, MEGAONE™ (New Taipei City, Taiwan), a leader in state-of the-art Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) modules for the Augmented Reality (AR) glasses market, is demonstrating its design partnership with Dispelix™ (Espoo, Finland), developers of next-generation diffractive waveguides for AR.

At MEGAONE's booth #I022 (Hall I4th Floor, Nangang Exhibition), COMPUTEX attendees can try firsthand the newest in AR-enhanced eyewear, using the combination of both companies' latest technologies. AR devices are progressing towards all-day wearable glasses, but the demanding consumer market sets stringent requirements for both diffractive waveguides as well as image sources.

Weight and volume together with the form factor are critical factors for success, something both companies have worked diligently towards in this partnership. LBS-based image sources are attractive candidates to minimize the projector volume without sacrificing the field of view, a compelling new AR platform now enabled by the Dispelix / MEGAONE partnership.

For AR in particular, laser-based display modules include a wide range of complementary and enabling technologies, including edge-emitting diodes, vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL) and optically pumped semiconductor lasers.

Laser beam scanning (LBS) modules coupled with reflective, refractive and diffractive waveguides (Dispelix manufactures the most advanced waveguide type - diffractive) are an integral part of laser displays, where the specific requirements depend on the source specifications, modulation technique and the scanning method being employed in the display.

When combined with compact, fast, reliable technologies such as MEMS mirrors, a scanning-based laser system can accurately render laser-sharp images with a broad color gamut, which are then displayed to users who utilize the beam-combiner technology.

"Miniaturized modular integration and automated volume production play pivotal roles in the ultimate success of next-generation AR wearables. MEGAONE's LBS solution integrates all critical modules into 1.2cc. lightweight optical engine weighing a mere 3g. With Dispelix's powerful support and technologies, we are dedicated to bringing a superior user experience for AR display devices powered by MEGAONE," said MEGAONE CTO & COO Makoto Masuda.

"We are extremely excited to both announce our new partnership with MEGAONE and to give COMPUTEX attendees a 'sneak peek' at what the future of the AR wearables market holds for consumers," said Pia Harju, Vice President of Business Development for Dispelix. "Our diffractive waveguides are the first to be truly mass-manufacturable and enable low power consumption as well improved AR images. We are looking forward to seeing next-generation AR products based on this combined light source/waveguide solution in the near future."

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