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NICHIA’s Hortisolis™ LEDs provide an optimized spectrum for plant growth

Tokushima, Japan – 26 April 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the launch of the Hortisolis™ series of white LEDs. By incorporating only the light necessary for plant growth in one package through the delicate combination of phosphors, Hortisolis™ makes it possible to maximize the production efficiency per area of the vertical farm while providing a good working environment within the closed environments.

There has been a steady increase globally in the number of artificial farms that produce vegetables and fruits stably and systematically throughout the year without being affected by abnormal weather or natural disasters. There are two types of artificial farms: a closed one which solely uses artificial light without any natural sunlight, such as a vertical farm within a building. The other type is a solar-based green house that uses artificial light as a supplement to natural sunlight. In any case, while sunlight is free of charge, artificial light generates costs in equipment and energy. Therefore it is important to identify the necessary wavelengths for plant growth, and concentrate on those specific wavelengths to provide the light that can efficiently grow plants with as few lighting fixtures and energy as possible.

In Shanghai, China Nichia established its own vertical farm to further prove out research and implementation for each application, including plant growth. Utilizing its competencies in LEDs and phosphors, Nichia performed many experiments in the vertical farm, studying the three types of photoreceptors within the plant and their shade avoidance response behaviors. When plants determine they are in the shade of another plant, they respond by extending their stems to obtain a better light environment. Subsequently, Nichia finally succeeded in developing and commercializing the Hortisolis™ series of white LEDs which simultaneously achieves the maximum production efficiency per area and also the comfort and efficiency of the workers.

Nichia believe the Hortisolis™ series of white LEDs could contribute to solve the issues of food shortage generated by abnormal weather or natural disasters globally.

Nichia continuously explores how light brings value and enhances people’s life, and will endlessly
pursue the ideal light source.

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