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Samsung Display developing thinner QD-OLED panels

Samsung Display (SDC) has begun R&D in a bid to reduce thickness of existing QD (quantum dot)-OLED panels, according to The Elec.

SDC began to produce QD-OLED panels at the end of 2021. Currently, the production entails use of two glass substrates, one for TFT and the other for QD color conversion layer.

In order to thin QD-OLED panels, SDC plans to do without the substrate for QD color conversion layer, the report said.

If the R&D succeeds, production of QD-OLED panels can be simplified and at lower cost, and thinner QD-OLED panels are likely to be rollable.

Based on reported yield rates of about 70% for QD-OLED panels at present, SDC can produce 880,000 TV-use QD-OLED panels and 440,000 monitor-use ones in 2022. If yield rates rise to 80%, the annual output can increase to 1.08 million TV-use QD-OLED panels and 520,000 monitor applications.