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STAr Technologies reintroduce UNICORN-LAIT II Parallel Micro-LED Tester

With Micro-LED moving from Engineering to Production, a near-zero tolerance for bad pixel, ultra-small pitch probing, automatic electrical and optical measurement systems need to step up. With STAr’s enhanced Unicorn-LAIT II addresses these stricter testing requirements and with its unique parallel test architecture for electrical, driver functionality, RGB, optical testing capabilities.

Unicorn-LAIT II is an advanced high throughput LED test system, that caters for dies in hundreds of thousands to millions of LED per wafer. High Parallelization allows the customer to significantly reduce the Cost of Test and Test Time. The system provides critical measurements for Mini/Micro-LEDs and integrates parallel testing with the electrical, optical measurement with probe station and probe cards in one system, offering a comprehensive analysis result to industry users.

Unicorn-LAIT II series is an advanced system that integrates parallel test instruments to a whole new level in both semiautomatic and fully automatic probe station options. Based on STAr Unicorn-LPX precision SMUs with 48 and up to 480 channels, this new model provides a high-speed and accurate DC of optical characterization of each Micro-LED. The probe station with high-precision closed-loop XYZ stages with 0.1um Laser encoder feedback ensures the best repeatability in multi-LED stepping <5um pad size.

With STAr’s MicroLED-MD test probe card, STAr Unicorn-LAIT II enables wide varying probe layout configuration for accurate multi-DUT probing and ensures current contact height with “Multi-Edge Sensing” capabilities. Moreover, users can easily and efficiently set up and control the whole measurement process with upgrade software and achieve the best test performance.

“With STAr’s enhanced Unicorn-LATI II is another option for Mini- and Micro- LED industry customers and significantly reduce the cost of test and test time. The system provides critical measurements and surely will bring the users a great measurement and test experiences in the further,” said ChoonLeong Lou, CEO & CTO of STAr Technologies.

By LEDinside