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PlayNitride showcasing microLED technology at Touch Taiwan 2022

PlayNitride is exhibiting three types of microLED technology respectively based on PCB, TFT and Si backplanes at 2022 Touch Taiwan during April 27-29.

PCB-bsased microLED panels are for seamlessly stacking displays into big screens; TFT-based panels can form curved and transparent surfaces; and Si-based panels feature ultra-high brightness and resolution and can be used in AR glasses and automotive HUDs (head-up displays), PlayNitride explained.

PlayNitride is exhibiting a large display formed by many PCB-based microLED panels with wide color gamut of 116% NTSC, brightness of 2,000nits and a pixel pitch of 0.43mm.

For automotive displays, PlayNitride is showcasing a 9.8-inch TFT-based microLED panel with transparency of 65-70%, a 11.6-inch TFT-based 24:9 2.5K microLED panel and a 1.58-inch TFT-based square-shaped micro LED panel.

PlayNitride is also showcasing a 0.39-inch Si-based panchromatic microLED panel with resolution of 1,411ppi and brightness of 50,000nits for AR glasses.

Touch panel maker General Interface Solution (GIS) is exhibiting a 121-inch interactive LED display vform by stacking many curved-surface transparent LED thin-film panels as well as a 55-inch transparent touch OLED display.

Government-sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is exhibiting technology of low-diffraction transparent AM (active matrix) microLED, with the technology compatible with existing display panel manufacturing processes.

For mini/microLED equipment, Stroke PAE is exhibiting equipment of mass transferring, laser bonding, sorting and placing mini/microLED chips, while Saultech Technology is showcasing MX-10 equipment used to combine sorting, mixing and placing miniLED chips into a single process.