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Corning to showcase products at Touch Taiwan 2022

Corning has disclosed it will be exhibiting a range of products in the smart display and application categories at Touch Taiwan 2022, held April 27 through 29 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

"Now in its second decade of operations, Corning Taiwan is continuing to develop next-generation talent and drive toward remarkable industry milestones," said Andrew Ho, president of Corning Display Technologies Taiwan. "We look forward to showcasing Corning's legacy of innovation and providing insight into what our future holds at this year's Touch Taiwan event."


Corning products on display

Corning's exhibits will include EAGLE XG Slim Glass and Gorilla Glass, among others.

EAGLE XG features exceptional thinness, helping panel-makers reduce or completely avoid the potential environmental and health hazards associated with panel thinning, said Corning. The glass composition includes no added heavy metals, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing.

Gorilla Glass is the cover glass of choice for more than 45 major brands, according to Corning, adding the glass has been designed into more than eight billion devices for its damage resistance, optical clarity, and touch sensitivity.

AutoGrade Gorilla Glass with Corning ColdForm Technology will also be on display. It helps deliver smartphone sophistication to vehicle displays with advantaged durability, readability, and design flexibility, Corning said.

Another product on display will be Corning Guardiant, a breakthrough copper ion technology that enables antiviral and antibacterial paints that provide residual sanitizing activity, allowing painted surfaces to continuously kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses for up to five years, said Corning.

Other products to be showcased include Astra Glass, a precisely engineered glass substrate enabling higher pixel density for the high-performance displays that panel-makers require to meet consumer demand for brighter, faster, and more lifelike images; Lotus NXT Glass, a premium glass solution designed to withstand high-temperature processing requirements while providing industry-leading levels of low total pitch variation.

It will be also demonstrating Corning Precision Glass Solutions, which provides glass-based solutions for wafer-level optics, advanced semiconductor packaging, and augmented reality devices; and Corning Laser Technologies (CLT), which offers unique laser glass processing solutions systems that ensure low as-cut edge roughness, enhanced edge strength, great design freedom, and high production throughput.