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Taiwan unlocks potential to develope smart cockpit tech

Vehicle-connected cameras, sensors, and mmWave radars will enhance driving/riding experiences in the future. As electric vehicle (EV) gains popularity, the seating space will enlarge and more interactive mobility services will be provided in vehicles on larger screens with higher resolution, according to AU Optronics (AUO) R&D manager Chen Yu-chi.

AUO has been producing in-car display for more than 10 years. Known for its cutting-edge curved display, free form, lamination, and switchable privacy technologies, it is a leading supplier of in-vehicle systems and the center information display (CID) in Taiwan.

This March, Taiwan's Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) founded an alliance for car-use AI imaging chips and smart cockpit display module sectors, with members including Elan Microelectronics, Chimei Motor Electronics, AUO, China Motor, RAC EV, Master Trans, Tron-E, and WPG SAC. The alliance aims to develop homegrown smart cockpit technologies and image sensors for ADAS that comply with international standards.

Chen added that smart cockpit is at a growth phase right now, and demand for large-size displays, augmented reality (AR) head-up displays (AR HUD), voice and gesture recognition, and driver monitor systems will increase. Smart cockpit equipped with these updated hardware and software will build a "third living space" for drivers.

Chen predicted that by 2028, around 35-40 million passenger cars in the world will be equipped with vehicle-to-anything (V2X) systems. Such smart features could reduce accidents on the road and reduce carbon emissions. They can also provide enhanced in-car information entertainment such as karaoke, gaming, and streaming services.

The infotainment experience in the EV space will be a vital part of the e-mobility trend. Some high-end BMW models are equipped with a large 31-inch touchscreen rear seat entertainment (RSE) Theater Screen, integrated with Amazon Fire TV; Sony's new concept EV Vision-S0 2 also has large screens where the co-pilot could play PS5 games.