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Samsung has delayed the start of production for the 89-inch version of its MicroLED The Wall

The model was originally planned to start production in May along with the 101-inch model.

But the production timeline for the 89-inch model has been pushed back to the third quarter of this year while Samsung is yet to decide when it will start production for the 101-inch model, sources said.

However, the South Korean tech giant will begin production of the 99-inch model, which it unveiled last year, sometime during the second quarter, they said.

The 99-inch model uses the same technology as the 110-inch model that was commercially launched last year. They both use printed circuit boards (PCB) as their main boards.

Unlike these two models, Samsung is planning to apply low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) thin-film transistors (TFT) on the 89, 101 and 114-inch models.

The use of LTPS TFT allows these TVs to control the discrete circuits individually. This allows the TVs to offer 4K resolution while being smaller in terms of screen size.

The 89-inch model also sues smaller LED chips that are 34 micrometers horizontally and 58 micrometers vertically.

This is considerably smaller than the LED chips that were 75 micrometers horizontally and 125 micrometers vertically used in the 99-inch and 110-inch versions.

By LEDinside