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Displays to be bridges between humans and machines, says Innolux chairman

When cloud computing, AI, big data analysis, 5G/6G and IoT are widely applied to smart factories, smart cities, smart homes and smart offices in the future, there will be changes in human lifestyle and displays will be bridges between humans and machines, according to chairman and CEO Jim Hung for LCD panel maker Innolux.

Displays will be ubiquitous then and play the role of interfaces between people and machines through simpler and more intuitive input methods to make electronic products operationally friendly and personalized to increase convenience and comfort in daily life, Hung said.

Consumer electronics products will be developed toward niche-market use with shorter life cycles, Hung indicated.

To cope with shorter life cycles, manufacturers have to hike production efficiency and main sustainable operation, Hung said. Therefore, Innolux has worked with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) developing technology for recycling used panels to recover liquid crystals, Hung indicated.

Innolux's plant in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, was selected by the World Economic Forum into the Global Lighthouse Network in 2021, for Industry 4.0-based smart manufacturing at the factory has hiked output for niche-market products by 22%, overall production capacity by 10%, workforce's productivity by 8% as well as decreased defect rates by 33% and quality inspection time by 90%, Hung noted.