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Sunflower LED Downlight from WELLMAX Help People Discover Uniform Brightness

WELLMAX - a renowned and trusted LED lighting company - recently announced that the annual sale of their Sunflower LED downlight reached 12 million pcs last year. The main reason sunflower has become the first choice of customers is that it puts the human-centric concept at the heart. This LED downlight is equipped with SAMSUNG LED chips that deliver high lumen output and efficacy without visible flickers, and exclusive “Bulb-Tech” technology that improves the comfort of eyes - all these are done with the aim of helping consumers to discover uniform and comfort brightness.

"The lighting product we use day-to-day can impact both on one's eye comfort and on quality of life. For instance, controlling the color and intensity of lighting over the course of the day is scientifically proven effective in improving our sleep patterns, which is critical to health and well-being. Unlike sunlight, artificial lighting that are poor quality, meaning that they may flicker or have low lumen maintenance, can have deleterious effects on people, lead to eye discomfort, headaches and infrequent epileptic seizures. Choosing the right lighting is very important." said Mike Jing, the chief director of LED products at WELLMAX, "So, we are always trying to provide our customers with a more human-centric LED product while ensuring the cost- effective and high quality. Compared to other downlights, Sunflower with exclusive 'Bulb-Tech' technology, combined with Samsung LED, can achieve higher luminous efficacy at a relatively low color temperature, brighter but more eye-friendly. With this overwhelming advantage, it quickly gained the favor of consumers and occupied the market."

The Sunflower LED downlight is designed with unique optical lens and able to deliver amazing 170° light effect. It can deliver a wider lighting angle and exceptional light output while maintaining great visual comfort with an architecturally pleasing design. Available in surfaced or recessed installation and various finishing color, its application range from home to commercial usages. The WELLMAX Sunflower LED downlight is suitable for a wider range of scenarios and can truly help consumers achieve energy and cost efficiency while making a comfort experience.

As the LED bulb expert, WELLMAX has been committed in providing high-quality and energy-efficient lighting products and services since 1987, and was one of the first movers into LED technology in the industry. Renowned as the LED Bulb Expert, WELLMAX now instill its years of R&D insights into making exceptional downlight products with “Bulb-tech” technology. Even though there is no common global lighting standard for lighting comfort, the R&D team in WELLMAX still prioritizes the experience of users and dedicates to develop appropriate human-centric lighting — or lighting for health and wellbeing — is more than just delivering lumens in a finite spectrum.

By LEDinside