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BOE and Tianma struggling to mass produce Full HD TDDI displays

China panel makers BOE and Tianma Microelectronics are aiming to mass produce Full HD displays with in-cell LTPS TFT LCDs and TDDI (touch with display driver) technology for handsets but are currently unable to do so beyond displays equipped with HD resolution, according to Digitimes Research.

The two makers have been cooperating with Synaptics to develop the technology and aim to mass produce it for major handset vendors in China. However, due to production issues both makers are currently halted at production for HD displays using the new touch technology and will resort to using two ICs instead of a single unit.

Digitimes Research believes this will cause the makers to lose some of their competitive edge in the market and certain top-five ranked handset vendors in China are expected to seek other suppliers as a result.

In terms of Full HD displays without touch panels, Tianma has an upper hand over BOE due to its LTPS TFT LCD technology and is also expected to supply 5-inch HD panels with in-cell technology to Motorola Mobility. Tianma and BOE are also aiming to reclaim orders for panels used in Xiaomi high-end handsets that were previously supplied from Korea and Japan makers, but there have yet to be finalized decisions. Tianma is a likely contender, however, which Digitimes Research said could greatly influence its position in the panel market as Tianma is pushing forth its LTPS Full HD displays to major customers, including Huawei Device, ZTE and Asustek.

BOE meanwhile is expected to provide Xiaomi with displays equipped with a-Si TFT technology for use in mid-range Hongmi units as the maker's LTPS TFT LCD fab yields are still less than ideal